General IP Myths

Below are some General IP Myths. Please click on the text to see if it is true or false.

If you pay for the IP to be developed, you own it and you can use it for whatever you like

This is not always the case and it is therefore advisable to specify who will own the IP in a written contract.  For example, apart from in very limited circumstances, the commissioner of a copyright work is not the owner of that work.  In general, however, commissioners of UK registered and unregistered designs are the first owners of the commissioned works.

If it's posted on the internet, then it's in the public domain

There is an important distinction between a work being "in the public domain" (i.e. in the sense that it is not protected by any IP rights and so free to use) and it being "on the internet". Posting a work on the Internet does not extinguish any IP rights that subsist in it. 

Everyone else is copying, so it's fine for me to do so as well

The prevalence of these myths alone demonstrates that, just because everyone else is doing something, it does not mean that the act is not an infringement!