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Global Data Hub draws on Taylor Wessing's international expertise to provide you with insight and guidance on data protection issues. Our in-depth analysis, news updates and events will help you navigate the minefield of global data protection law.

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Key compliance points under the GDPRKey compliance points under the GDPR


The GDPR will place an enhanced compliance burden on data controllers and processors. Understanding the main requirements will be crucial. We look at data breach reporting, Data Protection Officer and Data Impact Assessment requirements, and at how to maintain an audit trail in order to demonstrate compliance to the regulators and to individuals.

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Harmonisation under the GDPRData processors


The GDPR will bring in sweeping changes to the obligations on data processors, whether on site or in the cloud. We look at the new compliance points for processors, particularly with reference to the cloud. We also consider the impact in Germany which has had stricter requirements around data processors than the UK for some time, and at special obligations in France on data processors of health data.

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Harmonisation under the GDPRHarmonisation under the GDPR: the 'one stop shop', territorial reach and sanctions


Global Data Hub considers whether the proposed General Data Protection Regulation really delivers a harmonised EU data protection regime. We look particularly at the core issues of the GDPR's territorial reach, the 'one stop shop' mechanism and the new enforcement regime.

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