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While the GDPR harmonises the majority of data protection law in the EU, there is scope for variation between Member States in certain areas. Cross-border businesses will need to be clear on local differences. Our international data privacy team looks at the way in which Member States are implementing permitted (and sometimes unauthorised) derogations under the GDPR, and at implementation of NISD.

The UK Data Protection Bill and implementation of NISD

Debbie Heywood looks at the UK’s progress on implementing incoming EU data protection and cybersecurity law.

France’s approach to implementing GDPR and NISD

Valérie Aumage and Chloé Martin Dit Neuville look at France’s approach to EU privacy legislation.

Poland’s take on GDPR implementation

Przemyslaw Walasek looks at Poland’s approach to GDPR implementation which is being closely watched by the EC.

The new UK data registration fee

Debbie Heywood looks at incoming UK registration requirements for data controllers.

Austria and Hungary – GDPR legislation update

Jürgen Pölzl and Dániel Ódor discuss the state of play in Austria and Hungary.

Slovakia’s approach to GDPR implementation

Ján Lazur looks at Slovakia’s new Personal Data Protection Act.


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