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Energy is at the heart of today’s economies. Ensuring a continued supply - both now and for future generations - is critical. Few sectors have been subject to such profound change as the energy sector including the emergence of new sources of energy production, electric mobility, energy storage systems, energy efficiency, new electricity market designs, changing policies and financial support mechanisms.

Taylor Wessing is a firm that understands this changing marketplace and has a long history of advising companies in the energy sector – from oil, gas and coal to on- and off-shore wind farms, solar PV, hydro, geothermal, energy from waste and other forms of renewables. Our experienced team of specialists advises clients at all points in the value chain, including utilities and generators, equipment manufacturers, oil and gas companies, as well as investors, developers, financiers and banks.

Our dedicated team can advise you on energy project development, project finance, plant engineering and construction, operation and maintenance, off-take arrangements, planning and environmental law, regulatory issues, real estate, tax, mergers and acquisitions, and disputes.

Areas of expertise

  • Cleantech

    We have a strong track record in advising companies, investors and developers in the cleantech sector. We understand the funding structures and regularly advise cleantech companies. We also have a deep knowledge of Europe’s major cleantech funds, many of whom we advise. We have advised technology companies and institutional investors on raising finance, and on the protection and commercialisation of their products and intellectual property for a number of years. Our specialist expertise includes:

    • Venture capital
    • Private equity
    • Project finance
    • Intellectual property

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  • Energy contracts

    Our international team advises on a wide variety of energy supply contracts, in particular electricity, gas, heat and steam supply contracts. Our work includes:

    • Media supply agreements for the operation of power plants and other high-duty plants.
    • Advising all supply contracts parties – ie, producers and suppliers as well as customers and financing banks.
    • Maximum permissible term, take-or-pay-arrangements, and price adjustment mechanisms
    • A wide range of antitrust and competition law matters, as well as various questions regarding public procurement and energy law

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  • Energy regulation

    We can provide leading expertise on key regulatory issues in the energy sector, including working closely with national regulatory authorities, on issues such as:

    • Third party access (TPA) issues,
    • Grid fees and grid connection issues
    • EEG and KWK surcharges (for Germany)
    • Burden sharing mechanisms
    • New unbundling provisions under the EU Third Energy Package
    • Certification of TSOs and the implementation of the ITO model
    • Regulation of closed distribution networks / object networks
    • Electricity-intensive enterprises
    • Individual transmission charges
    • Energy taxes
    • Self-supply
    • Balancing energy

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  • Energy transactions & financing

    We are able to provide comprehensive M&A advice on all aspects of the acquisition of companies and projects in the energy sector:

    • Acquisition and divestment of energy utilities
    • Thermal and renewable power generating assets
    • Networks and storage facilities
    • Pipelines
    • Transmission and distribution assets
    • Refineries
    • Sale or acquisition of energy supply companies and public utilities
    • New business models, co-operation agreements, joint ventures, sourcing platforms

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  • Networks (power, gas, transmission & distribution assets)

    Our international energy team is able to advise on all matters relating to energy networks (transmission and distribution networks) and pipelines:

    • Acquisition, sale and financing of networks
    • Network charges
    • Concession contracts
    • Unbundling rules and certification procedures
    • Net lease
    • Network access rules
    • Network charges and tariffs
    • Concession agreements
    • Closed distribution networks
    • Customer installations

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  • New business models

    We can advise on a variety of new energy business models including the increasing impact the digitalisation. As electric-powered vehicles and electric mobility becomes more prevalent we have developed significant expertise in this field. Our specialist expertise includes:

    • Charging infrastructure
    • Financing
    • Order-to-cash (payment models)
    • Research & development and patents
    • Data protection and IT
    • Smart metering and smart grids
    • Co-operations and joint ventures
    • Sourcing platforms

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  • Oil & gas

    We advise governments, national and international oil and gas companies, and debt and equity funders on all aspects of the oil and gas supply chain, including upstream (exploration and production), midstream (storage and transportation) and downstream (fuels and lubricants, marketing and refining, retail and chemicals). We advise clients on key issues such as:

    • Project development
    • M&A
    • Funding
    • Energy and emissions trading
    • Litigation and arbitration

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  • Power plants

    We have advised the owners and operators of power plants on the following:

    • Construction and operation of power plants
    • Power plant M&A transactions
    • Joint venture power plants and power plant share models
    • Waste-to-energy plants

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  • Renewable energy

    Our international renewable energy practice advised on some of Europe’s earliest wind-farms. Since then we have advised on many transactions involving different technologies including wind, solar, waste-to-energy, biomass, biofuels, anaerobic digestion, combined heat and power, and wave power. We advise on large-scale projects and smaller embedded generation. Our specialist renewables expertise includes:

    • Project development and structuring
    • Corporate and project M&A/transactions
    • Project finance
    • Plant construction and operation (EPC contracts)
    • Warranties, claims management and litigation
    • Regulatory issues in the renewable energy sector
    • Energy supply contracts and direct marketing
    • Real estate (eg cabling and rights of way)
    • Planning law and permits
    • Tax structuring
    • Dispute resolution

    View all our Renewable energy experts
  • Storage facilities

    We have worked on a number of storage projects and transactions and understand key issues such as:

    • Unbundling
    • Regulatory issues
    • Storage agreements with third party gas cavern users
    • Pipeline access
    • Planning and permitting issues, mining law
    • Environmental matters
    • Operation & maintenance agreements (O&M)
    • Cavern lease agreements

    View all our Storage facilities experts
  • Waste-to-energy

    We have recently advised on ground-breaking waste-to- energy projects for energy companies, investors and major commercial organisations. As waste-to-energy technologies develop and waste becomes more of a commodity, our thorough knowledge of technology and project development provides key insights into waste-to-energy projects, particularly the challenge to upscale and commercialise some of these technologies. Key areas covered include:

    • Project development
    • Project financing
    • M&A
    • Intellectual property protection
    • Litigation and arbitration
    • Environmental matters
    • Commercial agreements

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