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Predictions - 2017
Predictions - 2017

2016 has been a seismic year and the aftershocks are likely to be felt long after 2017. As the 'phoney war' in the wake of the EU Referendum result comes to an end, we will start to understand more about what leaving the EU will mean for the UK, particularly in the context of the US election results and upcoming elections in other EU Member States. To a much larger degree than usual, uncertainty is the order of the day, but that has not stopped Download making its annual predictions for the coming year, focusing on tech, media, communications, cybersecurity, outsourcing, and legal issues around Brexit.

Digital Single Market update
Digital Single Market

As part of its Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has issued long-awaited proposals on copyright and communications. Those hoping for an overarching attempt to recast copyright law or alter the overall balance between rights holders and platforms will be disappointed. Instead, the focus is on issue-specific reforms touching on a number of areas of copyright which we consider here in more detail. We also look at the workability of some of the key proposals around communications infrastructure.