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EU-US Privacy Shield announced to replace Safe Harbor
Brands Update
Technology Barometer - November 2015

Modern work: is employment becoming obsolete?
>Adtech in 2015

The 21st century is bringing radical changes to the way we view employment. This month, Download covers key issues including the decline of conventional employment, and trends and issues with new models of work such as crowdsourcing and Uber. For more on this, see our full report 'Modern Work' which contains additional sections, also written from the perspective of different employment professionals from a selection of Taylor Wessing and ASEAN+ offices, and supported by accessible data, relevant case law and legislation summaries.

Predictions 2016
>Adtech in 2015

2015 has been a year in which disruptive technologies have continued to challenge the legal framework they have to operate in. We have seen some progress from the European Commission with its ambitious Digital Single Market Strategy, intended to remove barriers to pan-European trade in digital goods and services. It is in 2016, however, that we are likely to see the first tangible results of this programme with sweeping reforms expected across data protection, cybersecurity and copyright to name but a few. Whether those reforms will match the challenges of emerging or continuing trends remains to be seen but Download looks at what to expect over the next year.