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EU-US Privacy Shield announced to replace Safe Harbor

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As the EU Referendum approaches, the impact of potential Brexit is hotly debated with unknowns frequently flung around as fundamental truths on both sides. If the UK votes to leave the EU on 23 June, we will be in unchartered waters but that does not mean we cannot anticipate and prepare. This month Download considers the impact Brexit might have on particular sectors, including financial services, data protection, competition, intellectual property and employment. We also consider the potential impact of Brexit on German businesses.

Online Publishing
>Online Publishing

Download heads into the world of digital publishing. We look at the move by traditional print media to online publication, issues arising out of multi-jurisdictional access to material posted online and the way in which publishing is shaping up under the Digital Single Market Strategy. We also explore the role of data protection in EdTech, as well as considering the future of copyright levies in the modern age.